Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Internship at the Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organisations (UNASO)

OUR VISION “A Ugandan society free of HIV and AIDS and its impact”

UNASO’s values:

  • Greater involvement of CSO actors
  • GIPA and MIPA
  • Accountability
  • Non partisan
  • Non Ethnicity
  • Non discrimination

UNASO STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES: UNASO 5 year Strategic Plan 2012-2017 stipulates the following objectives;
Institutional capacity of UNASO and its membership to contribute (deliver its mandate)  to the national response improved by 2017
  1. Capacity of UNASO to coordinate, network and strengthen partnerships among ASOs and other actors for effective HIV and AIDS response enhanced by 2017
  2. Enabling and supportive environment for quality HIV and AIDS service delivery promoted by 2017
  3. Coordination and management of strategic information for HIV and AIDS response among ASOs improved by 2017
UNASO Internship Overview

Do you want experience working in charity development and relations? Do you want to immerse yourself in advocacy, capacity building, partnerships and networking, coordination Governance & accountability work while making a difference at community, national and global levels?   Do you want to gain practical experience in Policy, resource mobilization, communication and partnership management on this exciting internship with UNASO? Work alongside programmes run by UNASO and her member organizations for Impact on the well-being of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria?  Immersing yourself in local cultures and customs to improve the wellbeing of communities while managing lobbying, donations, raising the profile of the charity and hosting fundraising events, online initiatives; communication, influencing decision making processes, research and monitoring…..

Not only will this internship bring your CV to the next level, it will give you memories that will last a lifetime. In our work, an intern is expected to work alongside UNASO staff to promote the charity both in the community through Online, policy fora; national and global; social media, official UNASO website, conferences and strategic meetings.

Perhaps, the biggest highlight is working in local communities and engaging duty bearers, empowering vulnerable populations and promoting healthy living through collective voice to impact decision making processes for sustainable development

UNASO’S internship program is competitive, and practical. We shall always have anywhere from 1 – 10 Interns working at UNASO at any given time. The internships range from community empowerment, communication, fundraising and finance, research and advocacy to policy level working directly with decision makers, and vulnerable populations. If you are looking to join a dynamic team, learn the ins and outs of the non-profit world, and expand your skills set, send us your resume and cover letter.

Interns shall abide by the guidelines established by UNASO. They are expected to be professional in their respective offices; in the hours they work, in their manner of dress, and in their relationships with other members of the staff. UNASO has a child protection policy and all interns are expected to subscribe to it.

Our internships offer the opportunity for graduates and undergraduates to further their career goals. Interns are expected to maintain a high level of ethics and professionalism during their stay at the internship site as this will contribute to the overall perception of the student by the fellow colleagues and supervisors. They should also demonstrate a high desire to learn and engage fully in the organization’s activities under guidance. UNASO internships offer the opportunity to gain excellent work experience, considerably increasing employment potential.
Internship duration: Minimum 15-20 hours per week required for the duration of the internship, at least a minimum of 2 to 3 months.  
What will I be doing while at UNASO? General job activity outlines
1.      Advocacy, policy, capacity building and research: if you are interested in pursuing a career in advocacy, research, partnership management and coordination, this life-changing Internship will give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the evidence-based advocacy and policy, on local, national and international levels.
2.      NGO Public Relations  and Communications: UNASO will offer a unique opportunity for Public Relations and Communications Interns to gain hands-on practical experience working with an NGO dedicated to advocate for people’s rights
3.      Gain valuable work experience in the civil society fraternity and community development sector as well as practical work experience with Ugandan communities  and policy making processes
4.      Operational Research and strategic information management Internship; this is a critical part of UNASO’s work. We undertake in our evidence-based advocacy and research agenda together with member organizations. Interns will work closely with our teams on the collection and analysis of data. Participants are also actively involved in the creation of new studies, reviewing existing ones, and creating of other opportunities.
5.      Rural Healthcare & disease prevention Awareness and social support to vulnerable populations; involving community systems strengthening to improve quality of health care service delivery
6.      Interns shall also assist UNASO to gain a further understanding of others cultures
7.      There may be additional assignments based on the candidate's experience and ability
All Interns at UNASO will be under the supervision of advocacy and capacity building manager who shall address any queries or inquiries to them. They will be attached to supervisors. Interns are expected to consult with their immediate supervisors regarding any unanticipated or unplanned absence from the scheduled days during the placement.
Internship fees
Interns are expected to pay internship fee to UNASO of US$200 (international interns) and 40US$ for local interns, which will cater for welfare of the host organization. Interns are responsible for their own accommodation, transportation to and from the organization although guidance will be given for the first week to avoid being stuck or lost.
 How To Apply:
Email your resume, cover letter and an introductory letter from your institution to:  unaso@unaso.or.ug  For details, refer to our website: www.unaso.or.ug 


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